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M9-N5 Link Road

Government of Sindh has the intention to dualize and rehabilitate the existing two-lane link-road connecting M-9 and N-5. The main objective of this Project is to enhance the road quality, which is, inter alia, the scope of this Project. The improved access envisaged would serve thousands of commuters travelling between the N-5 and M-9 and those who are already using this facility. It is also expected that the improved facility would help open up these areas for creation of infrastructure such as better services for schools and health sectors as these areas would become easy reach through development of this plan. The projected scope is development of an existing road, by making it a four-lane carriageway, about 19.95 km long, between M-9 and N-5. The exact length of the road construction would depend on detailed design.

The Project involves DBFOT of the Link Road, with a posted speed limit of 100 km/h (One Hundred kilometres per hour). The GoS expects the term to include twenty (20) months of design and construction period and 30 years of operating period The Concession will be awarded through a Competitive Selection Process open to local and international bidders.

The Request For Proposal advertisement for hiring of transaction advisory services has been published in July 2016.

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