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Khajoor Mandi Khairpur - KWDM


Khairpur district is famous for its date palm cultivation. Due to highly favorable agro-climatic, geographical and geological conditions Khairpur produces almost three hundred varieties of dates. According to TDAP Sukkur, Pakistan produced almost 0.7 million metric tons of dates and fetched exports of USD 18.450 Millions in the year 2014-15, where Khairpur district was one of the major contributors to it.

The existing post-harvest technology i.e. dryers, dehydrators and other processing technologies are inadequate, outdated and result in substantial losses of dates in terms of quality and quantity. Moreover, the lack of technology and storage is also affecting the producers badly because of being unable to process bulk quantity during peak season and store during off-peak season. The production of dates with mechanical dryers, powered by either solar energy or line from grid will help in producing good quality dates, and at the same time solar powered dryers will save energy thereby reducing the operational cost.

Development of dryers will help in drying a variety of dates under a controlled environment at relatively lower cost and is expected to be well adopted by the overall dates drying industry. The Agriculture, Supply and Prices departments to undertake the project in PPP mode and to hire consultants for developing the concept and providing feasibility study.


Wholesale market is the most important link in the supply chain of any agricultural produce. However, poor logistics and infrastructure facilities in Khairpur with respect to wholesaling of dates has seriously restricted the development of this extremely high potential crop. The existing date wholesale market of Khairpur is incapable of supporting the large trade volumes during the peak season as the current physical structure has serious flaws in its design, size and location. There are multiple regulatory as well as operational limitations that restrict upgrading the existing structure of the market. Many other horticulture products such as banana, mango, guava and host of fresh vegetables also grow in the region. Like dates, none of the other horticulture products produced in the area have any decent wholesaling facility.

In the above background, Agriculture Department, Government of Sindh is desirous of encouraging the establishment, in a new location, of a horticulture wholesale market catering for large scale buying and selling transactions involving primarily dates, and also catering for wholesale dealing in a number of other horticulture products. The Agriculture Department also wishes to ensure that the new facility is developed and operated on international standards and should be able not only to overcome the existing pitfalls, but should also become a strong turning point in strengthening the entire supply chain of date crop which should ideally also lead to quality investors entering the business of date processing and exports.

Feasibility study had been conducted by the transaction advisors for the project.

The project was tendered for investor solicitation under two-stage bidding procedure in the year 2014. Only single bid was received and due to some complications the bidder opted out.


1. This project shall help overcome logistic problems in the supply chain of date crop within Sindh.
2. The project shall lead to employment generation, increase in exports, improvement in returns to farmers, reduction in post-harvest losses and shall duly improve the success probability for the Khairpur Special Economic Zone.


EA Consulting Pvt. Ltd. / Farmwell / Akhund Forbes


An Advertisement was made in Daily Dawn, Roznama Express and Daily Kawish on Saturday 14 April 2018. Based on advertisement published for Khajoor Mandi Khairpur project one bid was recieved from "Sachal Engineering Works (Pvt.) Limited." The bid was opened On 24 May 2018.

Currently the Project is under discussions with Sachal Engineering Works (Pvt.) Limited, and accordingly Stage 2 Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued.



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Draft Concession Agreement (DCA) - Khairpur Wholesale Dates Market 01-06-2018

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