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Livestock Farms

The Livestock & Fisheries Department, Government of Sindh owns Five (5) major livestock farms in Karachi, Tando Muhammad Khan, Nabisar Road, Rohri and Dadu. These farms were basically setup to conserve the local livestock breeds and to reproduce high quality animals using modern technologies. The vast land-holding of these farms is not only being highly under-utilized but also substantial part of it is under encroachment due to which valuable state is likely to be lost. The contribution of these livestock breeds is not impressive and considerable. They could have contributed in the rural economic development substantially as success of these farms could have been replicated by the small and medium farmers in the province. Unfortunately, these farms have not delivered over the time the above said objectives and have also put strains on public revenues instead of contributing into them.

The feasibility study is under process and expected to be completed in September 2016. Upon completion of feasibility study, the project scope & structure would be determined.

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